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Plantation Shutters Installation in Perth

Plantation shutters are also called western shutters or plantation shutters because they are made out of wood. Plantation shutters have been in use since the early 19th century and were originally used on the side of a building to divide it from the rest of the house. Today A2B Windows and Blinds are used as decorative window accessories or shutters for private homes, offices or shops.

Best Plantation Shutters Perth | Security Plantation Shutters WA

Plantation shutters installation in Perth can create an illusion of extra space in a small room or even over the entire roof of your house. They are easy to install and come in many different styles and designs which make them suitable for almost any purpose. These types of shutters are also available in a wide range of colors, sizes and textures. Most of the Plantation shutters are crafted with mortise & tenon joints but there are also those that are crafted using a cross cut joint, tongue and groove and other similar methods. Shutters made using these joints are very sturdy and long lasting and are designed to be glued on only one side while some are also available in pairs. Regardless of which type you choose, installing Plantation shutters in Perth will give you a lot of added benefits.

If you have a large room where you want to divide a large area by using shutters then Plantation shutters installation in Perth will also give you the effect you need. You can add privacy to your rooms, while also making the rooms brighter and much cooler. The Plantation shutters are also very elegant in design and most of them are quite light in weight so you can easily install them on top of a blind.

If you have a home office and wish to add beauty and elegance to your home then you can also install Plantation shutters. They can be a great addition to a home office as well as an office. The Plantation shutters are quite durable and strong and are often coated with various kinds of wood paints to keep them looking new and attractive for a very long time.

If you have a beautiful room in your house that you wish to decorate but do not have the budget to get brand new fittings for that room then the Plantation shutters are just the thing for you. Most of the Plantation shutters are quite affordable as well and can be purchased for an affordable price. Not only will they add value to your property by adding grace to the room they will also serve the purpose of providing privacy to anyone who wants to enter that particular room. In most cases it is more expensive to buy curtains for a private part of your home but if you have shutters you can simply close them to keep out the unwanted people from entering that particular area without anyone else having any idea what is going on inside that private section of your home.

Plantation shutters installation in Perth will add a touch of class to your home and make it look even more elegant. There are a lot of shutters manufacturers in Australia but it is better to go for a well known brand rather than an unknown one. It is not difficult to find out information about Plantation shutters in Perth and what they have to offer. It is also quite easy to find out about the company which manufactured the shutters for your home and their credentials.

Cricket Uniform Design Ideas For Team Performance

Cricket uniforms, also referred to as cricket shirts, shorts or polo shirts, and generally consists of a top, shorts, trousers and a polo or jersey. Cheeta Teamwear Cricket uniforms are made in a wide variety of colors, patterns, styles and materials as well as having many different features. These include the type of fabric that is used to make the uniform, whether it is made from cotton or polyester. The brand of the uniform and its price are also important factors to consider when buying one.

OEM Cricket Manufacturer - Cricket Uniform Manufacturer from Ahmedabad

The main material used to make cricket uniforms is cotton. However, there are some exceptions; polyester is an alternative fabric used in some cricket uniforms, as it is more durable and does not wrinkle as easily. Silk is another fabric frequently used in cricket uniforms as it resists fading and will not crease, crack or shrink. Silk is lightweight and thin and does not absorb too much water, making it a good choice during hot weather.

Cricket shirts and shorts can come with a variety of graphics and text, such as sponsorship logos and club names. Cricket teams can buy printed t-shirts that carry their team name and logo. These can then be sublimated onto the cotton baseball or cotton batting pants and shirt for an even more personalized look. Cricket uniforms can also come in camouflage designs and graphics. There are many different types of graphics, such as cartoon characters, action heroes, floral designs, tiger stripes, etc.

Cricket uniforms can also be made from 100% polyester. This material gives the wearer a completely dry, clean look and comfortable feeling on the shoulder and hip areas. Polyester is one of the most popular materials for manufacturing cricket uniforms because it resists wrinkles and mildew so is easy to clean, doesn’t get sticky easily, holds in the moisture and dries quickly, and does not wrinkle like cotton or polyester. Cricket whites are another type of cricket uniform that can come in short sleeve styles or long sleeves depending on whether you want the full length or just the cuff. Cricket whites are usually made from an organic cotton material.

When choosing your cricket uniform design make sure that you have a team logo or pattern to incorporate into the design. If the cricket team has a sponsor then this will be imprinted into the cricket uniforms. Cricket uniforms can also come with fringe and embroidery over the shoulder or chest areas. Fringes are used for a decorative effect along with logos and team names to give the uniforms a unique look.

The styles and designs of cricket uniforms are extensive and depend upon the level of play of the game and what the teams are expected to look like. Cricket teams will have different designs for domestic matches and the IPL. Teams in the Big Ten and Cricket World Cup may choose traditional designs of cricket uniforms. The IPL will have the more experimental designs and those that incorporate the use of logos and sponsorships. Cricket uniforms that incorporate the use of embroidery can make your team look great and give the fans something to cheer about.

How Online Casinos Offer Reload Bonuses

Online casinos, also called virtual casinos or online casinos, are online copies of traditional brick-and-mortar casinos. The online casino allows gamblers around the world to play and bet on casino-related games via the Internet. Today, it is a very popular form of online gambling. More people are turning towards this online version of gambling because there is no face-to-face interaction involved. However, despite its popularity, there is some online casino that operates very well and has good reputations.

Online Casino

Before you sign up with any casino site, you need to know a few things. First, check for welcome bonuses. Most welcome bonuses depending on the size and reputation of the online casino. For example, a big-name casino would likely offer a bigger welcome bonus. Online gamblers need to make sure that the welcome bonuses offered by the casino are of a sufficient amount that they can make a significant impact on their gambling experience.

One of the most important aspects of any gambling experience is the payment method used. Many casinos use one of two payment methods: PayPal and direct credit card payment. Gamblers need to make sure that they understand the terms and conditions of each payment method. A wise player would first check out a number of websites in order to find out which payment method is preferred by most players.

Another important aspect is the type of welcome bonus that is being offered. Most casinos do not permit players with a poor track record to participate. So a player with a history of black mark losses should not expect a lot of welcome bonuses when he makes a deposit. A player with a good track record and wins is more likely to get a better welcome bonus.

Online casino sites also differ when it comes to the promotion of the welcome bonus. Some of them have their own promotional campaigns, while others rely on third party companies. Most online casinos offer their best customers special deals and bonuses. In some cases, these promotions are limited to new players while in other casinos they are extended to players who have made deposits on the site. However, it is important to read the terms and conditions before making a deposit to ensure that there are no restrictions.

Online casino sites that offer reload bonuses are usually aiming at new players. There are some sites that also offer reload bonuses to players with a history of losses. However, the player does not necessarily have to be involved in a loss before he can benefit from the reload bonus. After all, the casino wants to reward the player for his loyalty and continued playing.

Web Development and Web Design

A major part of web development involves the creation of websites and the marketing of those sites. Web development includes a variety of technical skills and academic disciplines in the creation and maintenance of online sites. The various disciplines of web development include web graphic design; website developer and designer; information architect; multimedia artist and video game designer; information systems designer and web content developer. Web development Hobart professionals also work on web servers and other technologies such as email servers, calendars, and databases. Web development is a very competitive career and job opportunities for web developers are vast. Web design and development jobs are growing rapidly, therefore web designers and developers need to have both technical and personal qualifications to stand out from the crowd and get their foot in the door.

Web Development

A web developer should have excellent English language skills, good written and communication skills, excellent typing and computer skills, good research and reading skills, excellent mathematical skills, good computer knowledge, and some creative ideas. In addition, a person with a degree in computers and information technology could become an effective web designer/developer because information technology companies often hire IT graduates to develop their web applications and interfaces. A web designer/developer is often involved in planning the site’s navigation, graphics, functionality, accessibility, shopping carts, privacy policies, marketing strategies, and technical support. A web developer may work directly with the customer or he could work for an outsourcing firm that specializes in web development.

Web developers learn web design and development through on-the-job apprenticeship programs at colleges, universities, and technical schools. Web developers can take a one or two-year diploma course at a community college or vocational-technical high school. At community colleges, students can also learn web development while earning college credits. At vocational-technical high schools, students learn web development through courses and one-on-one experience. Students who wish to study programming can also attend vocational or trade schools.

Web designers and developers perform a wide variety of tasks. Web developers are responsible for adding content to a website, making HTML or XHTML code that produces the website, and testing the site for usability. Web designers, on the other hand, focus more on creative designs. Web designers use graphic software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver to create layouts for websites and make the layout visible to the user. Web developers implement the designs using client-side and server-side technologies.

Web developers and web designers need to understand typography. Websites need to be designed using the appropriate typography so that they are user-friendly. Web development firms usually provide quality web development services but it is important for users to choose a firm that uses appropriate typography. For example, if the user types in “dog” and the website design uses Times New Roman, the user will most likely not be satisfied with the site’s typography.

Web designers are responsible for adding content to a website. They use the relevant programming language to design the pages and make the information accessible. Web development firms often provide web application development services to organizations and businesses to develop applications that integrate with their websites. Web application developers implement the applications and work with the database to create user accounts, customize shopping carts, create website content, and respond to customer needs.

7 SEO and conversion tips for copywriters and editors

Good texts want to be read. In online marketing in particular, they are an important part of search engine optimization (SEO).

In order to be visible in search engines such as Google & Co., it is worth turning a few screws so that the next text is a success. A look into the SEO toolbox shows 7 SEO and conversion tips on how to shine with your web text in the search engines.

  1. The target group is always in focus
  2. Good texts convince with information
  3. Uniqueness is a competitive advantage
  4. Entertaining and focused texts are popular
  5. WDF & IDF are success factors for SEO
  6. Structure brings order to the content
  7. Content and appearance go hand in hand

Tip # 1

The target group is always in focus

The first maxim of SEO writing is: Write for the user, never just for the search engine. Before writing a text, it is advisable to know which target group the text is intended to reach. What search queries do visitors use to come to the website and what are their intentions? Questions that can indicate the direction of a text, especially at the beginning. The writing style should also be based on this. Knowing what information they are looking for is part of the supreme discipline of all website operators. Helpful and valuable content makes not only the users, but also the search engine happy.

Tip # 2

Good texts convince with information

Information is the flagship of good web copy. Those who convince visitors with up-to-date, well-founded and reliable information in their online research will also be rewarded by the search engines. Understandable for everyone and prepared accordingly, the texts that get the user quickly to the goal of their search score particularly well. In addition, you stand out from the competition with studies, white papers or expert interviews. In the end, relevance is shown by the one that offers the customer the greatest added value.

Tip # 3

Uniqueness is a competitive advantage

Who wants to be a copy? Web texts shouldn’t be patched together carelessly from different sources, but should come from your own hand. The more individual and enticing the content, the better the ranking. Unique content asserts itself entirely in the interest of Google, because the search engine wants to offer users varied and unique content. So it is worth investing a little more time in your texts.

Tip # 4

Entertaining and focused texts are popular

Monotonous texts with dry technical language should stay where they belong – in the textbooks. The digital lives from the emotional and varied. Website visitors want to have fun reading without getting bored. For a good copywriter this means: visual language and precision are required. A sentence with a strong message, good readability and relevant information is worth more than three sentences that don’t get to the point. Respect for users’ valuable time is part of the good form on the web today.

Tip # 5

WDF & IDF are success factors for SEO

In the past (so much earlier) it was said to include as many keywords as possible in the text. Since Google does not want to offer users any texts overloaded with keywords, the WDF (within document frequency) and IDF (inverse document frequency) have proven to be positive factors for the ranking in the search engines. They are more interested in text quality on the web than the keyword density that was prevalent until recently. In the WDF * IDF analysis, the keyword and similar terms that appear on the page are compared to other websites that rank with this keyword. Common WDF * IDF tools then point out keywords that appear too much, too little or not at all in the text. In order to achieve a good “average”, you can optimize your text based on the knowledge gained. 

Tip # 6

Structure brings order to the

What applies to large online projects also applies to online copywriting. Without a structure, the solid framework that was so laboriously built up in the search engines collapses. A meaningful structure with a red thread can be the key to success. A short and meaningful H1 title with the most important keywords arouses interest in the search results. Correctly formatted subheadings and paragraphs guide the user through the text and at the same time help Google to sort the content.

Tip # 7

Content and appearance go
hand in hand

Is the text ready? Class! Then it can go to the fine-tuning. Images, graphics and videos that match the topic round off the text visually and increase the added value of the text. Jump marks help the visitor to find their way around the article. Here and there a list, bold words or a highlighted quote loosen up the text. Finally, useful internal and external links set the course for the next steps in the customer journey. Before that, the user should still be able to comment on what he has read or share it on his social media channels.


Creating good SEO copy and optimizing web copy is not difficult. If you have a sense of language and an eye for what’s important, you can make a big contribution to optimizing your content. With informative, relaxed and appealing texts, the users come by themselves and happily come back. If you know the most important steps and basics and use keywords in a targeted manner, you will help your texts to achieve successful top rankings in the search results. Now all you have to do is try it out and become an experienced SEO copywriter!

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4 tips on how you can use customer power to increase your business success

Increasing the company’s success is not an easy task. You need to strike the right balance between investing in tools to help you grow and time to ensure continued success. It is very easy to get lost in personal networking or on social media without even remotely contributing to company growth. You can just as easily invest an incredible amount in paid advertising such as Pay Per Click without your investment paying off.

While growth is generally difficult, UK companies have seen some growth since 2000 – although we should consider the first decline in the corporate population since 2000. Whether or not you are frustrated with your business growth efforts, you may be missing out on some of the more obvious opportunities to drive significant and accelerated growth. Does your company proactively contact existing or former customers? Existing customers could be your gateway to remarkable business growth. Instead of focusing on just closing sales, smart entrepreneurs work to establish existing customers as brand advocates and advocates who love to share their thoughts and feelings about the products and services.

Embedding a robust customer advocacy strategy into your content marketing strategy will not only fit in well with your digital marketing efforts, but it will also potentiate the performance of MarTech. This creates a comprehensive and effective system with which you accelerate the customer journey and the sales cycle, but at the same time keep customers motivated and interested. You can save time and money by focusing on those individuals who are already interacting with your brand. Let’s take a look at four ways you can tap into the power of your customer base and grow your business.


Many companies do almost all of their marketing online – and miss a great opportunity that should be part of all successful customer marketing programs: Presenting yourself side by side with a loyal customer at trade fairs, exhibitions or conferences is a growing trend that you can really do with Build a story and excitement around your brand.

Presenting with a satisfied customer is a great way of showing how you helped them overcome a challenge or run a successful campaign. At the same time, you imply that your brand promotes customer relationships. Because one thing is clear: if your services (or the relationship itself) were bad, the customer would not be there with you!

Public lectures are another method to increase your brand awareness directly towards your customer as a speaking partner, but also towards others. Additionally, envoys are much more likely to attend a workshop or presentation if they can learn about the customer journey directly from a CUSTOMER, not just the brand. Soit is a promising way to get leads and potential customers.

When I was Head of Global PR, Social Media, and Communications, I shared a presentation with the spokesperson for a client everyone knows: Paddington Bear. And I dare say that my audience would never have been so full if I was the only one who talked about social media trends. In fact, the Q&A that followed was almost entirely focused on how the Paddington Bear brand accelerated engagement, the size of the digital community, and click-through rates on social media. The question-and-answer area alone was the most valuable part of the presentation for my company – the client explained the key role we played in their social media development, and we gained leads in passing, so to speak.

When you bring your customers to live events, you show the broader audience how engaging and strong your customer relationships are. This, in turn, helps you build your reputation and credibility as a third party – your customer – confirms the claims you make about your business.


What do you do when you find out about a new company, product or service? You are looking for neutral reviews. Finding out what other people think of a product or service and what the experience with a brand are like is crucial for the buying process – regardless of whether it is good or bad. Lots of companies kindly get some impromptu customer reviews, but there isn’t a steady stream. While you certainly can’t force customers to leave a review, you can ask and hope for results.

Depending on the customer relationship, you can ask in person, by e-mail, via Skype or the like and even as an additional line in your invoices. The possibilities are diverse – and what is the old saying? “If you don’t ask, you won’t get anything.”

There is a useful English language page that lists seven rules for getting more customer reviews. While the rules are for the niche dentistry industry, they can be applied to just about any company in any industry. By the way, reviews can also advance your company in search engines.

Google ratings appear on the Google Knowledge graphic, which appears to the right of search results, and which publicly shows exactly how popular (or unpopular) your business is with customers. The more reviews you have, the more believable it becomes.


There are hardly any methods that are more tried and tested than the classic reference, the trustworthy user report. Long before there was online marketing, companies had already published testimonials from their customers in the company. References are quick, to the point, and highly effective; they can be one-sentence or in-depth.

You can set up a simple but effective reference page on your website or generously publish the customer testimonials in your online channels, include them in product and service descriptions and so on. User reports and mentions of companies you work with are also an expanded form of the standard reference.

References are also good content for blog posts and articles and give you the opportunity to shed light on the comments in detail and to illustrate the positive aspects of your customer relationships. As the CodeAcademy shows with its ‘ Stories ‘, customer voices can also be presented in video form. Bluebeam, on the other hand, offers a mixture of video, written, and individual customer stories in their ‘in action’ area, which also stands out as something special.

If you approach your references creatively, you can attract new customers and turn existing customers into proud brand ambassadors.


A few years ago webinars fell out of favor, but are now rightly seen again as an important tool for marketing and sales – especially for the many companies that want to keep their existing customers involved and generate more leads. The value of webinars continues to grow, and with the right planning and promotion, they can add a huge amount to ROI. In order to get the desired ROI from webinars, comprehensive analysis and effective follow-up with targeted focus is essential.

Webinars continue to be a powerful channel for co-speaking with your customers. Bringing a customer or two onboard for a webinar can strengthen customer relationships while also generating a lot of content that you can reuse and reschedule. You get another opportunity to show exactly how you are helping your customers and what benefits your product or service has had for them. The period after the webinar is almost as important as the webinar itself, as you have to give yourself and your co-speaker customers the opportunity to provide quick and insightful answers through ready-to-use follow-up work.

When promoting your webinar, don’t forget to ask your co-speaker customer to also share the information via social media, email, and by post in order to maximize your reach. Webinars also allow you to link your best references as they can easily be added to the deck when relevant. For a successful webinar, you need a really thought-out plan.

Domain check: ten tips for finding the optimal domain name

There should be people who have found a name for their child faster than for their website. In fact, the ideas that are at the top of the wish-list are often already taken – especially with coveted endings such as .com, .de or net.

With more than 100 million .com domains and more than 15 million .de copies, the path to finding the right domain name for new web projects is often long and not easy.

In our guest post, domain expert Johannes Herold presents the most important tips, tricks, and strategies for registering a new domain.

1. Why is a good name so important?

If you start a new internet project, the business idea is the focus. The assumption: if it is really good and innovative, the project will be a success. Finding a name often plays a subordinate role in this phase and is part of the process. This always turns out to be a big rookie mistake. Because unsuitable names can actually cause companies to fail – especially on the Internet. Domain names that are difficult to understand and are prone to typing errors lead to significant traffic losses.

The name search should therefore be taken seriously. Allow plenty of time for this, be patient and do not make decisions for yourself. Tests among friends, colleagues or the future target group quickly show which candidates it is better to forget quickly.

2. What makes a good domain name?

In principle, it’s very simple: Which name can you remember straight away and enter it correctly in the browser address bar? Can you answer the phone with your desired name without any problems? Does the name immediately make it clear what it is about?

The simpler, shorter and clearer, the better a domain name is.

So do not use multiple hyphenated couplings. Be careful with difficult foreign words or combinations of two different languages ​​à la cappuccino-boutique.de. There are several potential typos lurking here and the likelihood increases that users are more likely to end up on the pages of your competitors.

Word games and the mix with numbers are often at the expense of comprehensibility. Test whether the domain name can be typed without errors. And think carefully about what the name should stand for: Does it fit the content and the desired image?

All of this is easy to say, of course, but in times of clear bottlenecks, especially with the most popular domain endings .com and .de, it is much more difficult to implement. That is why creative ideas are required.

3. Ways to Get a Good Domain Name

The starting point is – as is usually the case in business life – the detailed observation of the competition: What names are there already? Which work? And why?

Then go into the creative phase: Play with your desired name. For example, put the end of the word at the beginning. Is there a memorable, clearly understandable abbreviation?

What is the favorite address translated into English, Spanish or Japanese? Admittedly, we have just advised against using foreign words. But especially in Japanese there are a lot of short and clear terms that catch our ears quickly. In other words: Hardly any rule without exception …

Study the key keywords for your project. Which terms do they include? Can you be combined? Are there appropriate paraphrases for it? One of the most successful examples of a slightly modified keyword combination is the social network Pinterest, which cleverly combined the terms “pin” and “interest”. The holiday rental platform airbnb.com is actually a nice play on words and is successfully on the Internet – but much more difficult to remember than Pinterest, isn’t it?

A few more examples from the German-speaking area: hallobabysitter.de is not ultra-short, but tells you exactly what users can find on the site. And billiger.de and guenstiger.de leave no questions unanswered, as does Lieferando.de. Also kommessen.de arouses clear associations (at most it could be that people believe they are getting a finished meal and not just a bag with the ingredients for it). By the way, the competition from hellofresh.de offers exactly the same service – but do you immediately associate hello and fresh with food bags?

Of course, there are also pure fantasy terms that mean nothing, do not arouse any real associations, and have nevertheless established themselves. Or does anyone know what does or as Zalando why Amazon Amazon is? And what wind has to do with accommodation can probably only be explained by the founders.

Another way to get a domain name is via the second-hand shop, so to speak: You can buy domains that have already been registered from others on domain marketplaces such as Sedo or Afternic. You may find your desired combination of favorite names and the appropriate ending here. Perhaps, however, you will also choose a completely new alternative that you had not thought of before.

In addition to the marketplaces, so-called drop markets also exist. On sites like namejet you will find domains whose previous owners have not renewed their registration. A regular look at the corresponding pages is worthwhile, as returned domains can be well-established domains – this way you start with higher traffic right from the start.

4. How important is the right domain extension?

Very clear answer: Very important. The domain extension must match the project and should demonstrate seriousness to users, especially in companies and shops. If you are addressing a local target group, a country-specific domain extension or top level domain (ccTLD) is your first choice – for example .de, .at or .ch.

.Eu is ideal for Europe-wide activities. International alternatives are .com, .biz, .info or .net. These universally popular endings have a decisive advantage: users are used to these endings – it is easier to type in addresses with a well-known TLD than exotic endings.

5. Is the domain of my choice really still available?

Simply enter the desired address in the browser and see whether a page opens or not – that’s not enough for a serious domain check. To be on the safe side, you should rely on professional instruments.

6. Which legal aspects have to be considered?

What is unfortunately all too often forgotten when looking for a new domain name: The legal side is extremely important. Even if you have to say goodbye to a good idea – refrain from domain names that can infringe the rights of third parties. Otherwise there is a risk of warning fees or disputes in court.

Both cases can be tedious and costly. If a company warns you because it sees its rights at risk, the value of the item can quickly reach tens of thousands of euros.

A warning is usually the first step in this area. However, it can also happen to you that the opposing party goes directly to court to obtain an injunction against you.

7. Which domain names are taboo?

Third-party brands and company names are definitely taboo for registration. This applies even if a well-known brand or company name is part of your own name. Courts usually grant the respective company the privilege to use the domain name. Word combinations that contain a brand or company name also harbor legal risks.

“Work titles” are also protected – that is, titles from books, magazines, newspapers, television programs, etc. However, one restriction applies here: Only titles with a high level of awareness are protected, simply because of the large number of titles.

You should also exercise particular caution when seeking inspiration for your domain name from other people – whether prominent or unknown. According to § 12 BGB, the private first and last name enjoys name protection. Specifically, this means: If you want to set up a page around your big idol as a fan, for example, you should definitely contact us in advance and obtain written permission to use the name.

It is forbidden – for whatever reason – to register domains with the names of friends, neighbors or colleagues. In doing so, you are violating the right to a name.

Also not allowed: registering domains with city names. This applies to Berlin, Hamburg and Munich as well as to smaller communities. Only the municipalities have the right to register corresponding domain names for themselves. Important: This rule applies to all known top level domains, i.e. in addition to .de, for example, also for .com, .net or .org.

Which brings us almost to the end of this rather extensive list. All domain names that sound as if they are government institutions are listed on it. So better hands off funny word games with offices, authorities or services.

8. How and where can I find out whether a domain name violates the rights of third parties?

Gute Frage. Praktisch wäre dafür eine zentrale Anlaufstelle, in der alle Namens- und Kennzeichnungsrechte zu finden sind. Doch die gibt es leider nicht. Deshalb bleibt im prinzip nur eine möglichst umfassende Recherche.

  • Schritt 1: Nutzen Sie verschiedene Suchmaschinen, um weltweite Ergebnisse für Ihren Wunschnamen zu erhalten.
  • Schritt 2: Werten Sie die Ergebnisse aus – finden sich darunter Unternehmen oder prominente Zeitgenossen?
  • Schritt 3: Analysieren Sie auf jeden Fall das Handelsregister – gibt es Unternehmen mit dem gleichen bzw. einem ähnlichen Namen?
  • Schritt 4: Für Marken gibt es eigene Markenregister. Nationale Marken in Deutschland können einfach über ein entsprechendes Verzeichnis beim Deutschen Patent- und Markenamt abgefragt werden.
  • Step 5: If you want to be on the safe side, it is advisable to use the services of a specialized law firm.

9. Should I apply for trademark protection for my domain name?

 If you have to fear that your competition will otherwise have the brand protected, this step definitely makes sense. Because if someone else gets ahead of you, it can mean that you have to give your domain back.

However, trademark protection can only be applied for for “fantasy names” (examples here would be amazon or zalando). However, domain names that are descriptive – such as toys.de or fahrrad.de – cannot be protected under trademark law, as they lack distinctive character.

Forms for registering a trademark as well as further information on this topic can also be found on the website of the Patent and Trademark Office.

10. What can I do if I see my own rights violated?

First of all: take a deep breath and keep calm. And then check: Is it really a so-called domain grabbing or was there just a mistake or carelessness during registration?

In the case of domain grabbing, you should refer the matter to a lawyer. In the case of a suspected oversight, however, an amicable agreement is usually the better way to go. Contact the owner of the address and try to negotiate. Paying a small amount of compensation for expenses incurred is usually cheaper than filing a lawsuit in court for the domain to be surrendered. Apart from the financial aspect, you also save your time budget and your nerves. And you can be sure of getting your domain quickly – processes, on the other hand, can take a long time!

7 healthy eating tips that you can start doing today

It is particularly important to be aware of the right foods and a varied diet. While raw food is a vitamin-rich blessing for some, others complain of stomach ache because they simply cannot digest the raw plant fibers properly.

A strict menu will therefore help you very little if you want to eat healthily. But don’t panic, with these 7 tips you are well prepared:

1. Eat because you are hungry.

Not because you’re angry, bored, or because it’s time for dinner. This also includes stopping eating when you are full. In this way you will find the right measure over time and only consume as much energy as you need. Keyword: normal weight!

2. Eat vegetables or fruits with every meal.

And if there are only 3 slices of cucumber on your cheese sandwich. That vegetables and fruits are good for you is one of the few things that is taken for granted in nutritional science. The German Nutrition Society (DGE) recommends 5 servings a day.

3. Eat less meat.

Better for you, better for animals and the environment. Better for all of us. Meat contains valuable nutrients, but it is not necessary for a healthy diet. Better to buy meat less often and make sure it is of good quality. 

4. Don’t buy products whose ingredients you can’t pronounce.

Your body can’t do anything with it either. The food industry uses a lot of additives to make their products look better, taste better, have a longer shelf life or just cheaper. That natural ingredients become even healthier as a result is rarely the case. Better to stick to the rule of thumb: the more natural, the better.

5. Take the time to cook, even if you come home hungry.

A handful of nuts will save you until the noodles are done! Cooking yourself has many advantages: You do not need any ready-made products (see point 4). You are in control of what you put on your plate (see point 6). And not to be underestimated: while you are cooking and sniffing, your digestion is preparing for the next meal – great for your metabolism and your gut feeling.

6. Ignore all experts and listen to your gut.

You ate just right when you are full, satisfied, and full of energy. Whether paleo, clean eating, raw or vegan – there are many nutrition trends. And experts who will tell you what is right for you. Be sure to jump in and try what you like. At the end of the day, please always decide based on your gut feeling. Because your body signals to you what it really needs.

7. Break the rules without a guilty conscience.

The stress that you cause yourself is much more unhealthy than two scoops of ice cream with whipped cream. Your body reacts to external or internal pressure with stress and mobilizes all reserves. The normal reaction would be: fight the danger or run away quickly! If you prefer to stay with your ice cream on the sofa instead of walking, a permanently high level of stress can damage your health. So, rather chill and enjoy!