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  • What is an Expiratory Bail Application Status?

    As an upcoming court case might require the presence of a particular individual, the court has the right to make an anticipatory bail application status to that person. Bail has been a part of most states’ law since a long time ago, and it serves as a guarantee that the defendant will appear in court and for a trial, if needed. This ensures that the court can determine whether or not the defendant is guilty and present its case. However, with so many people struggling financially, the amount of bail bonds sacramento ca varies widely from state to state and country to country.

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    While waiting for a trial, many defendants are unable to pay their bail amount in full. In such cases, they can make an anticipatory bail application status to the court. They can request that their bail amount is reduced or have their charges dismissed. This does not necessarily mean that their case will be dropped altogether, but the charges could be refiled in light of their failure to comply with the conditions of their bail. In most states, however, an anticipatory bail application status cannot be entered into immediately. Instead, the decision must be made within a short time frame.

    The judge decides whether or not to grant the motion and decides accordingly. If the judge declines the motion, the prosecutor is then able to enter a complaint against the defendant. This means that a complaint has already been filed against the defendant for the criminal offense. The arrest of the defendant is made the day before the arraignment, and the initial appearance date for the case is then set for a later date. In many cases, including that of anticipatory bail application status, the defendant is then released from jail once he or she appears at the scheduled arraignment date.

    While in jail, an arrest warrant is also issued. A warrant may be issued for either a specific defendant, for one who is suspected of criminal activity, or for any combination of the said categories. A warrant is effective once it is issued. It remains active until it is canceled by either the court or by the arrested person himself or herself. The pending arrest warrant then becomes a matter of public record. Thus, if you fail to appear when scheduled for your court appearance, this will become public record, making it easy for your arrest to be found out.

    An unexpected turn of events may cause you to need to apply for and get an anticipatory bail application status. For example, you failed to show up at your court date for your arraignment, and now your arrest warrant has been canceled. Or perhaps you were placed in jail on another occasion for your violation of probation. Or perhaps you were involved in an accident and are required to go to court on a particular day. Any of these events can occur, and you could end up needing to submit an application for an anticipatory bail application status.

    If you fail to appear in court as scheduled, your status will be changed to delinquent on your court date. From there, any future attempts to contact you will be thwarted, and any assets owned by you will be seized by the state. Once a person’s assets have been seized, they cannot be recovered, nor can any tax debts that they might have accrued. This means that the only way to regain these assets is through an execution of the debtor’s bankruptcy petition – which is also a process in which the court orders someone to sell assets they own (often through auction) in order to pay off their creditors. If you were to appear at your court date, then the proceeds from the auction would go towards your creditors.

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