7 healthy eating tips that you can start doing today

It is particularly important to be aware of the right foods and a varied diet. While raw food is a vitamin-rich blessing for some, others complain of stomach ache because they simply cannot digest the raw plant fibers properly.

A strict menu will therefore help you very little if you want to eat healthily. But don’t panic, with these 7 tips you are well prepared:

1. Eat because you are hungry.

Not because you’re angry, bored, or because it’s time for dinner. This also includes stopping eating when you are full. In this way you will find the right measure over time and only consume as much energy as you need. Keyword: normal weight!

2. Eat vegetables or fruits with every meal.

And if there are only 3 slices of cucumber on your cheese sandwich. That vegetables and fruits are good for you is one of the few things that is taken for granted in nutritional science. The German Nutrition Society (DGE) recommends 5 servings a day.

3. Eat less meat.

Better for you, better for animals and the environment. Better for all of us. Meat contains valuable nutrients, but it is not necessary for a healthy diet. Better to buy meat less often and make sure it is of good quality. 

4. Don’t buy products whose ingredients you can’t pronounce.

Your body can’t do anything with it either. The food industry uses a lot of additives to make their products look better, taste better, have a longer shelf life or just cheaper. That natural ingredients become even healthier as a result is rarely the case. Better to stick to the rule of thumb: the more natural, the better.

5. Take the time to cook, even if you come home hungry.

A handful of nuts will save you until the noodles are done! Cooking yourself has many advantages: You do not need any ready-made products (see point 4). You are in control of what you put on your plate (see point 6). And not to be underestimated: while you are cooking and sniffing, your digestion is preparing for the next meal – great for your metabolism and your gut feeling.

6. Ignore all experts and listen to your gut.

You ate just right when you are full, satisfied, and full of energy. Whether paleo, clean eating, raw or vegan – there are many nutrition trends. And experts who will tell you what is right for you. Be sure to jump in and try what you like. At the end of the day, please always decide based on your gut feeling. Because your body signals to you what it really needs.

7. Break the rules without a guilty conscience.

The stress that you cause yourself is much more unhealthy than two scoops of ice cream with whipped cream. Your body reacts to external or internal pressure with stress and mobilizes all reserves. The normal reaction would be: fight the danger or run away quickly! If you prefer to stay with your ice cream on the sofa instead of walking, a permanently high level of stress can damage your health. So, rather chill and enjoy!