Cricket Uniform Design Ideas For Team Performance

Cricket uniforms, also referred to as cricket shirts, shorts or polo shirts, and generally consists of a top, shorts, trousers and a polo or jersey. Cheeta Teamwear Cricket uniforms are made in a wide variety of colors, patterns, styles and materials as well as having many different features. These include the type of fabric that is used to make the uniform, whether it is made from cotton or polyester. The brand of the uniform and its price are also important factors to consider when buying one.

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The main material used to make cricket uniforms is cotton. However, there are some exceptions; polyester is an alternative fabric used in some cricket uniforms, as it is more durable and does not wrinkle as easily. Silk is another fabric frequently used in cricket uniforms as it resists fading and will not crease, crack or shrink. Silk is lightweight and thin and does not absorb too much water, making it a good choice during hot weather.

Cricket shirts and shorts can come with a variety of graphics and text, such as sponsorship logos and club names. Cricket teams can buy printed t-shirts that carry their team name and logo. These can then be sublimated onto the cotton baseball or cotton batting pants and shirt for an even more personalized look. Cricket uniforms can also come in camouflage designs and graphics. There are many different types of graphics, such as cartoon characters, action heroes, floral designs, tiger stripes, etc.

Cricket uniforms can also be made from 100% polyester. This material gives the wearer a completely dry, clean look and comfortable feeling on the shoulder and hip areas. Polyester is one of the most popular materials for manufacturing cricket uniforms because it resists wrinkles and mildew so is easy to clean, doesn’t get sticky easily, holds in the moisture and dries quickly, and does not wrinkle like cotton or polyester. Cricket whites are another type of cricket uniform that can come in short sleeve styles or long sleeves depending on whether you want the full length or just the cuff. Cricket whites are usually made from an organic cotton material.

When choosing your cricket uniform design make sure that you have a team logo or pattern to incorporate into the design. If the cricket team has a sponsor then this will be imprinted into the cricket uniforms. Cricket uniforms can also come with fringe and embroidery over the shoulder or chest areas. Fringes are used for a decorative effect along with logos and team names to give the uniforms a unique look.

The styles and designs of cricket uniforms are extensive and depend upon the level of play of the game and what the teams are expected to look like. Cricket teams will have different designs for domestic matches and the IPL. Teams in the Big Ten and Cricket World Cup may choose traditional designs of cricket uniforms. The IPL will have the more experimental designs and those that incorporate the use of logos and sponsorships. Cricket uniforms that incorporate the use of embroidery can make your team look great and give the fans something to cheer about.

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