How to Prevent Lock Snapping

How to prevent lock snapping or lock cracking, also known as a dead cylinder cracking, is an easy burglary technique by Locksmith Albion which takes no special skills and expertise to gain access to the targeted house. What is even more important, no special equipment is required. Most burglars usually like to use such tools as screwdrivers and hammers to quickly break the lock in the house and gain access to the house without being noticed by the owner. The most common scenario for lock cracking includes a home invasion where the intruder has no time to waste and no means of getting past the owner’s locks.

What is Lock Snapping and How to Prevent It - Panda Locksmith Chicago

How to prevent lock snapping is an easy exercise, just follow these simple steps. Locks are broken or cracked using a flat bladed tool like a screwdriver. This kind of blunt force will easily damage a lock mechanism if it is not properly hardened. Dead bolts can be cracked with a blow dryer or even an axe. Dead cylinder locks need to be rekeyed or reprogrammed before they can be opened. This can be a simple operation as the new key has a different code than the old one.

How to prevent this type of crime is to ensure that any door that is for sale is actually live. The door should always be locked from the inside, even when the keys are inside. Even when keys are inside the door and the locking mechanism is functional, a dead bolt should always be installed. Do not make the mistake of installing a standard dead bolt inside a door that uses a locking pin or cylinder mechanism.

Deadbolts on exterior doors should have their locking mechanisms secured with steel screws, not nails or snaps. Nails can be removed by a burglar if they are careful enough, but they will get tired eventually and will give up. A good way to make sure that the deadbolt on an interior door is secure is to install an interior locking mechanism. Some latch types have internal and external hinges, which means that you should not take them for granted.

It would also be wise to check that the latch on your front door is actually a knob and not a crank. If it is a knob, then the burglar can simply push it open and enter. They can also remove the key through the channel provided on the front door, so they will not have to worry about using brute force to force it open. If you want to ensure the security of your home in the event that it gets broken into, then ensure that all of your windows and doors have deadbolt locks. Having a burglar unable to enter your home at will is one less thing that they will have to worry about.

Most modern homes have deadbolt locks, but there are times when you may still need to use a lock-snapping device. If you have a front door with a normal locking mechanism, then chances are that your locks are up to code. A burglar won’t be able to easily break in because there will be a lot of resistance, if at all. However, if you have deadbolts that are either not working or are not properly installed, then it is advisable to use a lock-snap device.