Top Reasons Why You Need Furniture Upholstery

Whether you’re a discerning home owner, or simply want to make your home more eco-friendly, there are several reasons why you should consider having your furniture reupholstered from upholsterers. These reasons include the fact that eco-friendly materials are cost-effective, durable, and easy to clean.


When it comes to upholstery, there are several materials you can use that are safe for the environment. Natural materials such as cotton and wool have been used for centuries for upholstery. Wool has excellent insulating properties and is also resistant to fire and flammability. Horsehair is also a great option because it offers great breathability and durability. You can also use down or feather filling to make your furniture more comfortable. These materials provide excellent support and bounce while also being dust-mite resistant and anti-microbial.

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Upholstering your furniture can be a great way to save money, but it requires knowledge and the proper materials. If you’re unsure how to go about this, you can hire a professional upholstery company. Just be sure that the company does what they say they will do or you may end up redoing some work and spending more money on materials.


For furniture that sees heavy use, durable upholstery is essential. It needs to retain its color and shape, and be stain and mildew resistant. Opt for woven fabrics over printed ones, as woven fabrics are generally more resistant to everyday wear and tear. Natural fibers, such as cotton canvas weaves, are more durable than synthetics, such as polyester. Microfiber is also a durable option for upholstery.

Easy to clean

Using a vacuum cleaner is a good way to clean upholstered furniture. It will eliminate dirt and grime and can also help you prevent stains and buildup. However, you should use a spot cleaner if you have spills or messes. You can also use a mild detergent. For more difficult stains, you may want to hire a professional.

Family heirloom

Your family heirlooms deserve proper care and maintenance. Daily use can damage them, and they may become less beautiful. Stains may appear, or your furniture may stretch. In addition, small objects can fall from shelves and break. Taking care of your heirlooms can ensure that they will last for generations to come.


If you need a new upholstery for a piece of furniture, it’s important to consider how much the work will cost. Furniture upholstery can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. The costs can vary depending on the fabric and the type of furniture. Most fabric costs between $30 and $60 per yard, while more expensive designer fabrics can cost up to $500 per yard. You can also save money by shopping around for upholstery fabric. Check for clearance sales and flash sales to save money on your fabric purchase.

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