What Is the Fastest Way to Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

Many men are embarrassed to discuss sexual health issues with their doctors, delaying diagnosis of serious underlying medical conditions. Erectile dysfunction is often the result of an underlying condition such as a heart problem or a progressive form of coronary artery disease. This is why it is essential for physicians to be more direct and ask patients how they feel sexually. By doing so, they can catch an underlying medical condition early and begin treatment.

Treatment options for erectile dysfunction

There are several erectile dysfunction treatment options available for erectile dysfunction, and the first step in finding a solution is consulting a medical specialist. A doctor will perform a physical examination to evaluate any underlying medical conditions and determine if erectile dysfunction is the problem. Other tests may be performed, including a complete analysis of the nervous system, vascular system, prostate, genitals, and thyroid gland. A urologist can then recommend a treatment plan that best meets the needs of the patient.

Researchers discover a genetic cause that links erectile dysfunction and  Type-2 diabetes

Injection therapy for erectile dysfunction is another treatment option. While not FDA-approved, the science behind the procedure is very promising. The method appears to work best in men with vasculogenic ED, or ED resulting from blockage of blood vessels in the penis tissue. It has yet to be proven if shockwave therapy will help patients with other causes of erectile dysfunction. Patients are encouraged to follow treatment guidelines to minimize the risks of the procedure.

Alternative treatments

Some alternative treatments for erectile dysfunction may be worth trying, including herbal supplements, acupuncture, and talk therapy. Although these treatments are not scientifically proven, they can improve your sexual performance and overall erectile function. Lifestyle changes can also help if you’re experiencing problems with erections, such as eating a healthier diet and drinking less alcohol. In some cases, mental or psychological conditions may also contribute to erectile dysfunction.

One of the most effective alternative ED treatments is shockwave therapy. This treatment uses pulsed acoustic waves to deliver energy to the erectile tissues. While shockwave therapy is relatively new, it is still considered one of the best forms of treatment for erectile dysfunction. Before beginning a treatment, you should consult your physician to make sure it will not conflict with your current medications. While shockwave therapy may not be effective in all cases, it is one of the most effective methods of treating ED and is widely available in many countries.


The best cure for erectile dysfunction is through medication. While there are many alternative therapies for erectile dysfunction, no research has been conducted to show if these methods are safe. Although some alternative medicines are marketed as “natural” and “free of side effects,” not all natural remedies are safe. Before using an alternative remedy, you should always speak with your doctor. This is especially important if you’ve never had ED before.

Treatment for erectile dysfunction may require a referral to a medical specialist. The type of specialist you choose will depend on the cause of your ED. A urologist may perform injections or non-surgical procedures, such as sex hormone therapy. If your ED is caused by a underlying health issue, your doctor may recommend medications or seek treatment from a psychologist. Each type of treatment has its benefits and drawbacks.


Exercise can effectively treat erectile dysfunction. Kegel exercises are a simple way to strengthen pelvic muscles that surround the penis during an erection. They involve lying on your back, keeping your hands flat on the floor and your knees bent upward. Next, squeeze the muscles of your anus and penis together while holding it for five seconds. Repeat the exercise eight to 10 times. Repeat this exercise in three to five sets.

In addition to strengthening pelvic muscles, aerobic exercise is also an effective way to treat erectile dysfunction. Not only will aerobic exercise help cure erectile dysfunction, but it will improve your cardiovascular health and fight obesity. Furthermore, it will boost your activity level, which is important for men to avoid erectile dysfunction. Although aerobic exercises are known to cure erectile dysfunction in most men, they are not guaranteed to be effective for all men. For best results, consult a urologist before beginning an exercise program.

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